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As we approach the last months of this election season, the overall scene is one of nastiness and disorder on a scale not seen before. We have the two major parties divided within their ranks and the leading candidates barking at one another like junkyard dogs. The powers within one party have endorsed their candidate as if he had the plague and the other has followers jumping ship for no other reason than anger that their candidate did not become the nominee. These issues along with the unbridled vitriol and false statements have made this election a joy not to behold. We can only hope the winner has a competent cabinet, staff and the wherewithal to understand the gravity of the position. This contest is very much like a horse race having to be run in mud, heat and dust with a few potholes to boot. the outcome is anyone’s guess even with the knowledge of the candidates pedigree. If we could, would we as voters be able to configure a perfect candidate? Politics itself as a science or art of Government (as defined in the New World dictionary) and as such presents an opportunity to examine (without media influence) the candidate’s  potential ability to do the job. Experience in the field is one big need and the other stuff is competency , the ability to comprehend and adjust to the fast changing issues of the office with the most competent solution. There will never be a perfect or permanent solution as the nature of Government issues shift like the sands in a desert. As Betting on a touted horse is not a guaranteed win, betting on a “sure” winner in politics isn’t either.

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