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Why is it that we do things against all odds? We consistently create problems for ourselves that by all  measures of rationality we should be able to avoid. Even with the information available on the tool we use for entertainment on a daily basis (internet), we ignore information that could prove to be our salvation in some cases and helpful in others. There are back stories on our politics and policies, there are stories on the best and worst vehicles to buy, household goods and how to avoid being ripped off. Of course there are tons of ads from unscrupulous sources but a little judicious reading will weed those out (if you looking for a company avoid the listings that clearly have the word “AD” in the address line, these are not  company websites. There are no specific laws against those type of listings but there are alerts and those alerts exist in each one of us. The old saying “Caveat emptor” still applies and is more  important now. In spite of this post and other warnings on these deceptive practices-we do it anyway . The recent dustup over a QB’s refusal to stand for the national anthem is another instance of under informed people making a big deal over nothing. What if the American Revolution was covered in modern times? Our history would be one of constant turmoil among the races, religions and the native Americans who we stole from. Given our written history in spite of the errors of omission and commission we have done OK as a country. Our failure has been in our trust in the words of our leaders (primarily the long serving ones). We have come to depend too much on what we are told without investing time in vetting the content or the back story of that content. We have to stop doing it anyway.


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