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Daily Archives: September 17th, 2016

There are many of us who do not vote, have never voted and who are electing not to vote. Voting is the only and best voice you have! That decision to abdicate your right to let you voice be heard is a great boon to the politicians that you so thoroughly dislike. These elected eels dismiss the non voters as unimportant and you feel that your vote does not matter. To explain: unfortunately our 2(?) party system is broken, while we do have a couple of fringe parties, it is not enough that they present different views on the state of the country and by extension the government. If some of us do not vote, their views and yours remain largely hidden and unrepresented. The act of voting has to do with understanding first how Government works (or not) and what effect the action or lack of has on all of us. Politicians who have been in office for a long time will and do say what is required to keep that office, gaining  all the perks they can (or feathering their own nests). Your vote can mean the difference between good government and poor government. You as non voters are relied upon being a constant number  of people whose influence is negligible except as a number  to be subtracted from the general count. In this case you do not exist as a citizen! Forget the electoral college as it has nothing to do with your personal vote YOUR VOTE COUNTS!- I repeat YOUR VOTE COUNTS!. No matter who you support in this Presidential race or any other political race, your voice is your vote and  you need to use it. Good government comes from informed voters.


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