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Politically speaking many people assume  labels of Conservative, progressive or liberal with several iterations in between. Too often the selection of a label to describe your views cannot be defined with a single description. Too many of us allow the talking heads to define us. If your view is more complicated than a single issue or view then you basic view is not definable with a single label. Would it not make more sense to use no label and vote using the issues that closely parallel your own? It is unfortunate that too many of us pick the most polarizing idea to follow while abdicating their conscience as a person. Being unlabeled is a freer way to look at the issues of voting. Each candidate has a theme but each theme has often underlying influences. If you are undecided as to your label, then you are possibly a better educated voter whether you realize it or not. This indecision pushes you to investigate perhaps or consider a different or altered view. The reality of politics and voting is akin to advertising: every one is working to get you to buy something! With that in mind “Caveat Emptor” applies. Move beyond your single issue and look at the down the road effects of your vote since you will not be able change your Congressional Representative or C.I.C for 2 to four years.

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