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There are several comic strips (cartoons) that have animals as characters and these characters act in many ways as humans do while  maintaining animal ways. The premise of animals (our pets) speaking in terms like humans is hilarious in itself. The outcomes in some situations are predictably human while maintaining the air of animal thought. However the stream of consciousness indicated in this current political climate is not as hilarious in calmer times but very telling in how difficult voting  in this election will be. There are so many outlets covering this election pro and con for each candidate as to be headache producing. Fist examine why people are following Trump: 1. “He speaks his mind”: this is the act of a bully and a child, 2.” he tells it like it is”: He doesn’t know how it is!, he is a consummate showman and egotist,3. “He will make America Great Again”: America is already great but not for the poorer people who have suffered under the long serving Congress who spin more webs than any spider while Kow Towing to their moneyed interest.  The non existent policies of Mr. trump should be a red flag, his policies are more responses to news reports on “Obamacare”, the economy and foreign affairs, all of which he knows little to nothing about. If it should happen that Trump (gag) wins, we will actually have a Pence Presidency. To be clear many of Trump’s supporters are underserved , in need of jobs and government support. The real anger is with Government  and by extension President Obama but the real government is the Congress who controls what is enacted and where funding is appropriated. The anger needs to be localized by not electing the same people to under represent them time after time. My prime example : Mitch McConnell has lied to his constituents about coal, aside from the side effects of coal production and use, the fact that large users have switched to natural gas which has grown abundant due to new (fracking) techniques of oil production . If the Turtle really was in office to help his constituents he would be pushing education and training for solar, wind and other modern potential energy sources. Our biggest issue in this election ( an issue that has always been here) is the radical fringe who have been able to come out under the banner of supporting Donald Trump while spreading their own message of hate(unfortunately Mr. Trump’s ego does not allow him to separate himself from their ideology). Many of them have not taken the time  to actually READ the U.S. Constitution. and understand what it actually means rather than interpreting sections to suit their needs (the Islamic radicals have done the same to the religion of Islam). Perhaps we should listen and talk to the animals.

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