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Donald Trump’s  60 minutes interview covered a lot of campaign issues and statements. Some statements were walked back and some were not. In a nutshell (my opinion) the bell once rang cannot be unrang! The statements made on the campaign trail that rallied the Alt- Right and Racists to him caused an uptick  in Racial violence on the streets of America. This all on top of the tension over police shootings. The folks who voted for Trump because “he tells it like it is”, fail to understand that this is not how the world works. In the real world and on the streets a person who tells it like it is will probably end up in a fight! The tension in America was already high in that the White extremists were already in a Lynching mood because of President Obama’s election now they are emboldened and ready to attack anyone who is not with them. These are the same people who stole people from Africa, decimated the native American population and attacked anyone who is not “white American”. These are the folks who uplifted Trump but for their own purposes not the country’s. It will be interesting to see what occurs in these  post-election years. Recently after announcing some staff selections there has been some talk of these selections being Racist or otherwise questionable. People who say some folks are not Racist may be people who have never experienced first hand Racism. When that happens to them perhaps the thinking will change. The real issue here is that many alt right, conservatives , liberals or any of the many labeled factions fail to realize that they have many more commonalities than they realize , with that realization can come some better election outcomes in the future. Remember the change that was mocked in Obama’s first election?, that change was openly mocked and challenged by the “establishment” politics  and Trump (which Trump has vowed to disrupt if elected). This election was based on change but what is the nature of the change?, will it be business as usual under the guise of making it better? Pay careful attention to what comes out of Washington in the next few years as the New Government has the same Congress that has performed so poorly for 20 plus years.  The alt-right and extremists who want to take America back have now been emboldened but have not improved their knowledge of the effects these changes will have on them as well as the “other” Americans that they so detest.

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