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The Faux News organization with the aid of Geraldo Rivera has spoken about Puerto Rico’s problems. TOTUS stated to Faux that the “fake News” is reporting Fake news about what he said. How is news fake when TOTUS said these things live and on twitter? To lie is apparently the Trump way, he lies about lies and about things that are true that he said. How messy is the inside of this mans head? America is not the only country that can elect a person who lied to become elected. 1933 (approximately) a German citizen began his ascent to chancellor of his country. This ascent involved the persecution  of ethnic groups and groups who were considered anti-German and the causes of the economic woes of the times. This led to WWII in which millions of folks who were labelled as dangerous and responsible for German problems (job loss). The buildup to the war was done secretly creating jobs for many Germans so the reasons and  effects  on “non” Germans and others who were not so sold on the program of Germany first was devastating. Many were just outright killed at the hands of the Administration and citizens (neighbors, relatives). After turning on previous allies the world took notice but too late to do anything about it. All of this was done by disseminating “fake news” and outright lies to the people. The economic crisis made all of the fake news and lies plausible since the secret manufacturing had provided employment for so many. We do not have secret or overt manufacturing beyond what exists now but we do have fake news and lies daily which incites the baser elements of our society. If  citizens do not stand up and speak up we will have hard recovery from  this well of lies and deceit. In my opinion the “Tweeter In Chief” who really did not want the job is proving daily why he should not have it. Our do nothing Congress is allowing it while collecting money from us for the privilege. Our part in this is to actively contact your representative by all means possible.

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I have listed the most common title we use in politics today and many associate themselves with one or the other even some version of all. The mindset of a label appears to me to more of a cover than a belief. This what the political establishment and their handlers want, they want you to be labeled so you are easily identified to them for the purpose of targeted messages. It is possible your stated “cover label” may not put you as far away from someone else as YOU think. We all want good government, we all want a strong country and we all want prosperity. These goals are possible through the election process. The people we elect are the power we have to accomplish these goals but we have to punch them in the face if we see them going in a different direction. The punch is a merely a way of saying “unseat them” in the election cycle. The folks depend on BS and innuendo to stay in office not actual accomplishments. If this information does not invoke thoughts of where you stand then we are still going to have an ineffective Congress and thereby an ineffective Government. The titular head of Government is not as important as the people we elect every 2 and 4 years. The key to good government is knowledge not “labels”.

disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
(often initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.

Right wing: noun
members of a conservative or reactionary political party, or those opposing extensive political reform.
such a political party or a group of such parties.
that part of a political or social organization advocating a conservative or reactionary position:
The union’s right wing favored a moderate course of action.

Left wing: noun
members of a liberal or radical political party, or those favoring extensive political reform.
such a party or a group of such parties.
the part of a political or social organization advocating a liberal or radical position.

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 Again the Dupublicans are attempting to put the weight on the American People they are so fond of citing. MA

The Washington Post
Carolyn Y. Johnson1 hr ago


© Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
The Republican tax plan would deliver a major benefit to the top 1 percent of Americans, according to a new analysis by a leading group of nonpartisan tax experts that challenges the White House’s portrayal of its effects.
The plan would deliver far more modest tax cuts to most other households — an average cut of $1,700 for households in 2027, according to the report. But the results would be unevenly spread, with 1 in 4 households paying more in taxes.
Despite repeated promises from Republican lawmakers that the plan is designed to provide relief to the middle class, nearly 30 percent of taxpayers with incomes between $50,000 and $150,000 would see a tax increase, according to the study by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. The majority of households that made between $150,000 and $300,000 would see a tax increase.

Those trends were credited to the loss of itemized deductions, particularly the ability to deduct state and local property taxes from income.
The loss of the personal exemption, which shields $4,050 of income from federal taxes for every household member, also played a major role in increasing taxes for some households — an effect that would get worse over time, because the amount of the personal exemption kept pace with inflation.
Meanwhile, 80 percent of the tax benefits would accrue to those in the top 1 percent. Households making more than about $900,000 a year would see their taxes drop by more than $200,000 on average.
This week at a speech in Indianapolis, Trump described the effects of the tax plan very differently: “We’re doing everything we can to reduce the tax burden on you and your family. By eliminating tax breaks and loopholes, we will ensure that the benefits are focused on the middle class, the working men and women, not the highest-income earners.”
© Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post
The analysis also found the plan would provide disproportionately large benefits for businesses compared to what the middle class and low-income Americans would receive.
“A major feature is tax collections would shift dramatically, from businesses to individuals,” said Eric Toder, a co-director of the Tax Policy Center.
The tax plan would increase the deficit by $2.4 trillion over the first decade.
“One thing I find troubling about big, deficit-financed tax cuts is it kind of looks like a free lunch,” said Len Burman, an institute fellow at the Urban Institute who formerly worked at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
Burman pointed out that the burden of the postponed taxes could fall on lower- and middle-income people in the future, either through tax increases or cuts to programs that benefit those groups. What was surprising, he added, was that even in this context, there were groups that did not appreciate the benefits of that free lunch.
White House officials have given conflicting accounts of the impact of the tax cuts on the wealthy. President Trump has said they would receive no benefit, while National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn has said it’s irrelevant whether they benefit because all taxpayers should benefit. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said some upper-income Americans will benefit while others won’t. Meanwhile, the nine-page framework released on Wednesday predicted the wealthy would benefit but stipulated that they shouldn’t benefit more than anyone else.
Damian Paletta contributed to this story.

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About 2000 plus years ago as the religious texts tell us, a child was born in a stable. This child and his exploits became known widely in the then known world. His wisdom, great deeds and his recorded words are still known to us through the various “Bibles”. We universally believe in this child through whichever religious sect we decide to follow. There are those who do not believe in this “legend” however the written records appear to reinforce it. Fast forward 2000 plus years, we have another child who through the apathy of voters is head of the most powerful country in the world. This “new” child is the polar opposite of the ancient one yet many follow and adore him as if he represents the “new coming”. Thinking back to the 1930’s when Germany was in the grips of a severe depression, dissatisfied with the government began to follow a ” Messiah” who spoke words that went against all of the “teachings” of the Bible. This messiah used race and religion to condemn and blame certain races and segments of the population. Using the media of the times he blamed and defamed these groups daily and so regularly that the general populace accepted these attacks as fact and lined up to drink the poison of Hatred. The resulting acceptance culminated in WWII and the destruction of millions of live based on the lies and hatred spewed over the airwaves and in person by the “Messiah”. America is not quite as depressed as Germany was in the 30’s but some of the same elements have raised their heads and voices in backing the “new Child”.

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With the recent election of TOTUS, the lies of our Congress have become  front and center. We have always (or should have) suspected that many of our representatives  lie to us on a daily basis. We now have a CIC and his administration lying on a national scale. We are hearing the truth from no one in the Trump administration due to President’s the lack of knowledge on many fronts. This has been his method of working all of his life. He listens and hears only what his limited brain power allows to stick. As a leader he reads nothing of substance and supports no one if they do not adore him. We are now faced with potential legislature that will devastate many who are already in dire straits. HIs “tax cuts” are on the neediest no matter how the administration tries to spin it. Since the repeal of the ACA died or neer do well Congress has think about reaching across the aisle ( as they should have done all along). We have come to a point where the Constitution is largely misunderstood and hardly read. Our Congress apparently does not care about serving if it does not serve them!. They are for the most part (majority party) just outright liars. There was a time that we understood that campaign promises were just that promises, once elected the “ins” did what they could but now they just lie and hope we pay no attention to them while they make their own way while socking away their substantial salaries and perk.  As I listen to the assorted representatives , I realize that they all espouse the same flawed information about taxes and healthcare. Apparently lying is the order of the day for our government officials and they do with a straight face.. They all deserve the “HUTA” award for their service*.

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*Heads up their A_ _.

America was founded on protest. The current administration was ushered in on protests yet Totus is attempting to exert pressure on protesters. This time it’s the NFL, is there anyone or thing that his President will not attack? It is bad enough that he has no idea what his “job” entails and cannot seem to do it but to spend his time tweeting on everything that can garner attention is hardly the job he was selected to do. This minion has caused a huge rift in America and has distracted  many from the harm he is doing here and abroad. It reminds me of what a certain German despot did in the 30’s (I believe Trumps family originated in Germany). The 1930’s brought us Adolph Hitler and his cohorts who murdered millions (including Germans) but made it look acceptable with lies and innuendo. We have a Tweeter In Chief  who for lack of a moral compass will have millions without healthcare, have us in wars with other countries and standing alone because our allies have been alienated by his actions. (very Hitlerian). The one thing we can be sure of is the next President will have fences to mend thereby taking time way from the work of fixing our own homegrown problems while Donny rides into the sunset with his phone in his hands exclaiming what a good job he has done. The worst part of all of this that he does not understand or perhaps cannot  the long range effect of his actions and those of his cabinet. To put a fine point on things the GOP aka Dupublicans have shown their willingness to lie with a straight face to their constituents  to get campaign promises enacted no matter the cost in human health and ultimately jobs. This administration was voted in on promises and lies and continues on that track in all its dealings. Our allies world wide are looking at us with amazement at the dysfunction and wondering where it will end.

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After listening to this gentleman on several talk shows, it became clear to me that he is no better prepared to talk about the political issues than any other fast over talking representative of the trump administration. His arguments fall in the same category as “alternate facts” as coined by Kellyanne Conwoman. It is interesting that so many of Trumps spokespeople all talk fast and over talk the people they are being interviewed by or having a discussion(?) with. Apparently it is better to talk over and talk faster than the interviewer or anyone else involved in the discussion that tell the whole truth. While no politician is completely honest, the Trump spokes people seem to relish promoting the half truths and lies with aplomb and gusto ( I might add with gusto and a straight face). The Congressional backers of Trump’s repeal and replace initiative are as bad if not worse and will be in office possibly after Trump leaves by election loss or impeachment. These are the people to watch and not so much the talking heads on Faux news as the are paid to lie and cause controversy to gain ratings. Disingenuous actions and words do amount to the truth. MA

Paris Dennard

Paris Dennard (born 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona) is an American political adviser, political strategist and speaker. He often appears as a conservative expert and commentator in newsreels and discussion rounds at CNN and  NPR. He worked for the White House in 2008[1] as Director of Black Outreach for President George W. Bush. In 2016 he became communications director for the HBCU Thurgood Marshall College Fund.[2] In 2017 he is a commentator for CNN and analyst for NPR.[3]

Dennard attended the Brophy College Preparatory, a Jesuit boys high school, in his hometown until 2000, where he was the chairman of the school rector. He then studied Public Relations and Political Science through the Richard Eamer Scholars Program at the conservative Christian private Pepperdine University in Malibu. He spent a semester abroad in London and completed a bachelor’s degree in both subjects.
During his studies, he was President of the Student Government Association.
Career in politics[edit]
He was already active in his youth as a conservative junior politician. For instance, he served as the chairman of the Arizona Teenage Republicans , the new generation of the Republican Party, and appeared in the summer of 2000 as the latest speaker at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.
Under US President George W. Bush Dennard worked between 2005 and 2009 in the White House . During this time, he was involved in the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Office of Political Affairs and the Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. In the latter, he served as White House Director of Black Outreach and was responsible for maintaining government contact with the African American population. In addition, he coordinated the meetings and travels of the President, First Lady Laura Bush, and the House of Representatives, and was responsible for the planning of various events in the White House.
After his retirement from the White House, Dennard worked as an Associate Director for Coalitions at the Republican National Committee from 2009 to 2011 . Subsequently, he served as Director of Public Affairs in a law firm in South Carolina operates  as well as in 2014 when as director of events in Washington, D.C. resident and the Arizona State University cooperating think tank McCain Institute for International Leadership. In 2012 or 2013, he and PD Consulting Group established his own consulting office for strategic communication, political management, image and brand development and media training. In July 2015, he was appointed Legislative Director of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which focuses on public HBCUs . Since September 2016, Dennard has been acting as Director of Strategic Communications.
In the presidential election campaign of 2016, Dennard expressed his support for the Republican candidate Donald Trump, and often defended his positions and comments in the media. He gained prominence in early February 2017, when the now elected and sworn US president Trump in a speech about Black History Month praised Dennard’s work as a pundit at CNN:
“And Paris has done an amazing job in a very hostile CNN community. He’s all by himself. You’ll have seven people, and Paris. And I’ll take Paris over the seven. But I do not watch CNN, so I do not get to see you as much as I used to. I do not like watching fake news.”
“And Paris has done a great job in a very hostile [because liberal-democratic] CNN environment. He is entirely alone. You have seven people [liberal members] and Paris. And I prefer Paris to these seven. But I do not see CNN, so I do not see you [personal address to Dennard] as often as I used to. I do not like watching Fake News.”

This is another effort to move American citizens farther away from medical care, this includes die hard Trump supporters who only see the TOTUS fulfilling campaign promises even if they and their families are harmed by it. MA.

Jeffrey Young,HuffPost 12 hours ago


President Donald Trump’s administration has taken more steps to undermine the Obamacare marketplaces it’s responsible for managing.
The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Thursday that it’s making drastic cuts in spending on advertising for the 2018 open enrollment period on the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, as well as significant cutbacks in funding for local organizations that help consumers navigate the buying process.
Weakening the two most important tools the federal government has to promote enrollment on the state-based exchanges ― 39 of which are run wholly or mainly by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ― is the latest signal that the Trump administration isn’t committed to serving exchange customers and bolstering the marketplaces during the first open enrollment it will oversee from start to finish.
Less awareness of the open enrollment period running from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, combined with less help from community organizations, which have assisted more than 9 million enrollees with sign-ups since the autumn of 2013, will likely result in fewer people being covered by health insurance obtained via the federally operated exchanges accessed on
In addition, these moves could worsen the financial state of the exchanges, as sicker and costlier consumers are more likely to seek out coverage than healthier people, who may be unaware that the sign-up season is taking place.
Trump himself repeatedly has said he wants to let or make the health insurance exchanges collapse, and his administration has taken a number of actions to destabilize them. That’s above and beyond his advocacy for the Affordable Care Act’s repeal.
Chief among the destabilizing steps has been Trump threatening to withhold billions owed to health insurance companies serving poor enrollees, which has contributed to large rate hikes for next year. The Department of Health and Human Services also has used its websites and social media channels to criticize the Affordable Care Act at taxpayer expense.
And the administration previously canceled other outreach and education programs President Barack Obama’s administration created to help get out the word about coverage options and provide in-person assistance to people seeking help signing up. The current administration also cut the open enrollment period for next year to half its length from last year, giving customers less time to weigh their options.
Trump previewed Thursday’s actions at the beginning of his presidency. He took office at the end of the sign-up campaign for this year, and his new administration promptly halted rounds of advertising for which the Obama administration had already paid, which contributed to national enrollment on the exchanges falling from 2016 levels.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services unveiled two new policies Thursday.
First, the promotional budget for the upcoming sign-up campaign is being cut from $100 million to $10 million. Moreover, a bulletin the agency released indicates that the ad campaign will include no television or radio, and be limited to digital media, email and text messages
Second, organizations with federal contracts to help consumers shop for coverage ― known as “navigators” ― will get far less money. Navigator organizations received $62.5 million from the federal government last year, but will get just $36.8 million this year, a 39 percent cut, according to a fact sheet from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Navigator organizations will receive funding for 2018 based on what percentage of their enrollment targets for 2017 they achieved. So an entity that signed up 70 percent of their target last year will get 70 percent of the amount they expected for this year. These organizations were not told in previous years that their performance would be used to set future funding, and the cuts made public Thursday will force them to scale back their plans for the pending sign-up campaign.
The health insurance industry’s main lobbying group highlighted the importance of the initiatives subject to the administration’s cuts.
“Effective education ensures that consumers understand their coverage options and encourages broader participation of healthy individuals. Marketing, outreach, and education are critical to ensure that all consumers are aware of the upcoming open enrollment period, understand new timelines, and enroll by the deadline,” Kristine Grow, a spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, wrote in an email to HuffPost.
The Department of Health and Human Services offered information about its new policies under embargo to reporters and via a teleconference Thursday. HuffPost was not informed of the announcement in advance nor invited to participate in the call, as other news outlets were.
The Affordable Care Act’s exchanges and the law’s expansion of Medicaid drove the uninsured rate down to a historic low. Just 8.8 percent of Americans lacked health insurance during the first quarter of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday. As of March 31, 9.1 million people had private health insurance from an exchange, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services.
Jonathan Cohn contributed reporting.

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Trumped again!! MA

Marina Fang,HuffPost 17 hours ago

President Donald Trump, who will visit Texas on Tuesday for a first-hand look at Hurricane Harvey’s deluge of rainfall, flooding and destruction, may have already made preparedness for similar natural disasters more difficult.
Less than two weeks ago, Trump rescinded an Obama administration federal rule that required federal, state and local agencies to take steps to enhance buildings, highways and other infrastructure with protections from flooding.
Trump’s rollback of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard was part of his executive order billed as a plan to streamline infrastructure projects. He signed the order earlier this month at Trump Tower in New York, minutes before the fiery press conference during which he blamed “both sides” for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, incited by a white supremacist rally.
Flanked by cabinet officials and aides, Trump heralded the order as part of his administration’s efforts to rid industry of what he sees as onerous and unnecessary regulation. He called such rules “a massive, self-inflicted wound on our country.”
“No longer will we allow the infrastructure of our magnificent country to crumble and decay,” Trump said at the Aug. 15 signing.
The rule, signed by Obama in 2015, cited the growing risk of flooding from rising sea waters caused by climate change, which Trump has claimed is a “hoax.”
Yet flooding intensified by climate change has become a dire concern in coastal areas like the southern United States. For years, scientists have warned that the threat of extreme storms like Hurricane Harvey will only worsen because of climate change, and that many U.S. cities and states are ill-prepared for large-scale flooding.
“Harvey was almost certainly more intense than it would have been in the absence of human-caused warming, which means stronger winds, more wind damage and a larger storm surge,” climate scientist Michael Mann wrote on Monday. He said that scientists know “with great confidence” that climate change “worsened the flooding.”
The storm, which federal officials have called a “historic” and “landmark event,” dumped at least 30 inches of rain over the weekend, with even more on the way. Recovery efforts on Monday focused on rescuing tens of thousands of displaced people, amid water-filled highways and homes.


It is quite difficult to not write or post from others on Donald Trump and this article points out why. MA

Paul Waldman
August 7, 2017
As things get worse for President Trump, his need for praise only increases.
In an age where our children are supposedly being made soft by too many participation trophies and too much praise, no one is thirstier for tributes than the president of the United States. Give him the chance and he’ll tell you how amazing he is with all the self-awareness of a 3-year-old; as we recently learned, in explaining the political importance of his anti-immigration stance to Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Trump said, “I am the world’s greatest person that does not want to let people into the country.” And if you work for Trump or depend on him for your position, you know that you have to praise him, too. You need to convince him he has your love and your loyalty, and the best way to do that is to extol his fabulousness to all who will listen, especially on TV.
If you’re looking for a model, you might take Corey Lewandowski, who was Trump’s campaign manager and now runs a lobbying firm established to profit off that connection to the administration in the most shameless way possible. Lewandowski recently said on Fox News that Trump is “the greatest politician our country has ever seen.” Marvel at that for a moment. Lincoln? FDR? JFK, LBJ, Reagan, Clinton, Obama? Losers, all of them.
But for epic lickspittlery, few can match Vice President Mike Pence, who spent a good deal of the 2016 campaign talking about the awe-inspiring majesty of Trump’s shoulder-width. (“To be around Donald Trump is to be around a man with broad shoulders. … He’s a man with broad shoulders, he’s got a clear vision, he’s strong. … They are responding to Donald Trump’s broad-shouldered, plainspoken leadership. … I think it shows the kind of broad-shouldered leader he is.”) On Sunday, The New York Times published an article about Republican politicians taking some preparatory steps toward potential 2020 presidential bids, including Pence. “Multiple advisers to Mr. Pence have already intimated to party donors that he would plan to run if Mr. Trump did not,” they reported, noting that Pence has established his own PAC which will make donations to candidates, has hired a seasoned campaign operative as his chief of staff (as opposed to someone with government experience), and is aggressively courting donors and connected political figures in key states.
Given the fact that it’s always possible that President Trump will decide not to run for re-election, all that seems like little more than prudence from a politician who plainly wants to be president one day. But no doubt anticipating his boss’s displeasure at the story, Pence responded with an almost comical overreaction:
Today’s article in the New York Times is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team. The allegations in this article are categorically false and represent just the latest attempt by the media to divide this Administration. …
Whatever fake news may come our way, my entire team will continue to focus all our efforts to advance the President’s agenda and see him re-elected in 2020. Any suggestion otherwise is both laughable and absurd.
you’ll notice that while saying everything in the article was false, Pence couldn’t actually point to anything in the article that was false. But the true audience for his statement was one person, the desperately insecure man in the Oval Office, for whom it amounted to, “C’mon baby, you know you’re the only one for me.”
And the president needs that reassurance more than ever. He has shown that he has a deep desire for loyalty (you’ll recall that he demanded it of James Comey, whose answer wasn’t satisfying), but he’s not getting nearly enough. In fact, Trump’s own aides could be described as less loyal than any White House staff in history. All that leaking—much of which serves to portray the president as a buffoon—comes from a White House where everyone’s looking out for themselves rather than doing what Trump would hope, i.e. contributing to the greater aggrandizement of Donald Trump.
Once you get past his own family and a few aides he brought with him from the Trump Organization, the number of true believers who would do anything for this president is tiny. On a recent podcast, Slate’s Isaac Chotiner asked Olivia Nuzzi, a White House reporter for New York magazine, “Do you get a sense that there are people in the White House who genuinely think Trump is a great leader and have great respect for him, and see this as deep down as something other than a shit show?” She responded simply, “No.” After a brief pause, she went on, saying “Most people are here for very self-serving reasons. … I never get the impression that anyone thinks that he’s some kind of genius.” Not that there are self-serving staff in every White House, but nearly every president also has many people around him who genuinely respect and admire him.
It’s hard to know whether Trump understands what his own underlings think of him, but by being so abusive to people who work for him, sometimes even taking pains to humiliate them publicly, he creates an atmosphere in which resentment and fear must surely be rampant. That’s one reason there are so many leaks, and it also leaves those who want to retain their position knowing that they have to go the extra mile to assure the president they’re still behind him. It won’t be enough to tout the administration’s accomplishments—you have be effusive about Trump himself, telling him that he is a giant among Lilliputians, a man whose wisdom, skill, and accomplishments are so spectacular that we should all fall to our knees and thank our gods that we were privileged enough to inhabit the same historical period as such a person.
The worse things get for Trump—approval ratings in the 30s, the widening Russia investigation, legislative failures—the more he needs this validation. But curiously enough, the person who laid on the praise more thickly than almost anyone else—Anthony Scaramucci—found it wasn’t enough to save himself. After a tumultuous ten days as communication director, Scaramucci was shown the door by the new chief of staff, John Kelly, who was brought in to impose some order on the mess in the West Wing.
Perhaps Trump assented to the firing because he was getting jealous of all the attention Scaramucci was getting, or perhaps Kelly made it a non-negotiable condition of accepting the rescue mission. Either way, it shows that going on TV to tell everyone how much you love Donald Trump won’t guarantee that you’ll remain in his favor. But when the president is watching—and he always is—it’s the least he expects.

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