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This election is a dream come true for the Dupublicans as they feel now they can run the country as they see fit ( notice I said as “they” see fit) no matter what is desired by the voters and needed to run the country. Since the existing Congress has done nothing of merit except obstruct, what do you suppose they will do for  (or to) us now? My expectations are that the Congress will create another pre 2008 scenario where the neediest will still be needy, the economy will still slide and we could very well still be at full-out war in the middle east.

Will the new President truly be President or just a shill for the Dupublican Party? After denouncing the candidate earlier, the main Dupublicans , Ryan and McConnell seem to be smiling through clenched teeth (in photos published).There are several possible scenarios for the next 4 years:

  1. Some good things will be done
  2. Our allies will be still our allies (or not)
  3. The Congress will continue their anti citizen activities
  4. None of his agenda will be accomplished but stifled by the Congress or replaced with what they like.
  5. Trumps backers will remember him for what he did not do and not elect him
  6. Trump will find that the Presidency is not another Trump Company that he can control.
  7. The Trump method of lashing out at the media over what is reported (true or not) will be watched and tested.
  8.  There are a number of unknowns for the actions of this President who in my opinion has a business (his) as usual attitude toward the top office.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Unfortunately the proof of good or bad will come at a cost to all of us. It has become a national concern and not just the cause of  fringe elements. Our only job in this is to start now and assessing what your elected officials have done in the past 4 years, pay more attention to the news (real news) about politics. The key to good government is a well informed public.

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