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The current political after “party” is a watchable event. The Dupublicans are still in a quandary as to what to expect from “their” President. Their expectations are high in getting “their” agenda in place. Our expectations as voters is preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. Our first issue is to insure all eligible voters do vote in upcoming local, State and Federal elections. Since we do not know who will be running for what offices aside from the existing office holders we need to pay attention to any upcoming potential candidates. The Trump administration will be a demonstration of disarray that will affect us all for years to come. The people in his administration are not dumb people but true idealists who have lost sight of what Government is about. Their focus is on converting Mr. Trumps statements into implementable items. The issue will be what the Dupublican Congress will allow to be done and what the Congress will push for. Either way there is a boil brewing in government that will not move us too far ahead of where we are now. The primary things to watch” Education, The High court, International relations and Health care. The smaller issues are the rise of the Racist fringe and the unenlightened who only want something better for themselves and their families. At some point the unenlightened will become enlightened and understand their situation has not changed much since their Congressional representatives are not doing anything different. You can be sure that the Pro-Trump media and the near to far right media will be extolling the actions of the Trump administration while the “main stream media” will be trying to keep the truth out there.

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Please Donate

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