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Daily Archives: December 13th, 2016

The Dupublican party now in control of both houses of Government has stated that they can now proceed with the changes to make government better for America (not necessarily for the people as they want you to believe). As voters we need to be extremely vigilant in listening to what the Administration says it is and will do for us. You have remember we are in a time where politicians lie with regularity to further their own ends. The access to many types of media has led many to believe what is put out electronically as fact. You must remember that no matter what is done to us in or names, the elected  official will not suffer like many of us will. They are protected by us in that we fail to understand what they have enacted to protect themselves and feather their own nests. We all want change but we must be careful what we ask for. I would really like to believe things will get better with the Trump administration but unfortunately the selections and statements (tweets) he has made so far are not encouraging. It is now up to the statesmen in the Congress to control this chaos wrought by the self servers in the Dupublican party. This will clearly be a case of “lying down with dogs and waking up with fleas”. It is unfortunate that too many people are so desperate to blame the president (no matter who it is) that they lose sight of the real power in Government. Now on the promise of “draining the swamp” Mr. trump will be taking the helm of the country with the theme of making America great again. The greatness has never left America, what has gone is our apparent inability or desire to pay attention to our Congress. The partisan politics has allowed the rise of Donald Trump whose sole objective in life is materialistic and self serving. Along with this Presidency come the rise (possible insurgency) of radical groups in America. Compare the potential uprisings to what is occurring and has occurred in the Middle East (third world?) . With a leader who ignores anything that DOES NOT BENEFIT HIM where are we going?  It is unfortunate that we have fallen to a low that allows for the rise of Donald trump, the Greatness (?) of America was determined when Trump won the Presidency with the backing of avowed racist organizations not the Americans who are in desperate need.  Destiny, the future will show us where it lies.

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