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Daily Archives: January 10th, 2017

If you pose that question to any member of Congress and it will be denied, Presuming that  actions speak louder than words, consider  These points:

  1. The affordable care act (Obamacare) provided healthcare for a lot of people who did not have it and better options for people who did.
  2. The Congress (Dupublicans) stated at the onset of his Presidency that this President would get noting passed
  3. The  Congressional leaders (Snitch and John) stated that this will be a one term President
  4. They supported the idea that Mr. Obama was not an American and was a Muslim.                                                                                                                     If you consider just those things and align them with what actually occurred in the past 8 years you will see that Congress hates you!  The economy is growing and has grown (albeit slowly but growing), jobs are growing. Keeping In mind that the 2007-2008 crash was significant and unfortunately a surprise to many but the crash was building for years. Most of the sitting Congress was in place before and during that time. Many of them are still in place. The price of gasoline has dropped due to new internal oil sources. The result of the new natural gas and oil flows have greatly reduced the use of coal which affects the coal-producing areas and jobs but the use of coal was waning before that. None of the Congressional representatives have bothered to explain that to their constituents, instead they blamed President Obama for the coal demand dropping. These folks never tried to tie the health of the coal miners to the coverage available through  the ACA (Obamacare) . Our Government has to run by having Congress do their job and this Congress has failed in that for the past 15 years at the least. If Congress thought anything of their constituents they would have done and would be doing their jobs instead of posturing like the peacocks they are. The topper: an entertainer used many opportunities to state that President Obama was not an Americans and should show his birth certificate now the Entertainer is President elect and the Tweeter in Chief of the United States. Add to this how many anti Obama members of Congress did not want Trump now have to deal with him and his gang of children who have to respond everything said about them. All we can do right now is to “Just Keep livin’ (Matthew Mcconaughey quote).

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