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I is and was not my intention to spend much of my time on the TOTUS (DOTUS) however the issuances from the White House are coming too fast. The recent immigration ban, the installation of a right wing racist above the  seasoned military of the Joint chiefs, the selection of a trio of advisors who can hardly put together a coherent sentence. Those items being said, we are heading for a potential 4 year headache of epic proportion . We can expect little to no help from the Neer Do Wells in Congress since aside from a few have been waking around with their heads up the chute for years. Since the election of the “Boy I Wonder”, the Alt Right thinks they are! The backers of Trumps (voters) at least some of them are experiencing voters remorse and it will get worse as the years go by. The correct action is as follows:

  1. do not re elect the same Congress people.
  2. Do your homework-find out what the truth is not what the candidates tell you.
  3. Get your ass out and vote
  4. Understand that this is America and immigrants started this country so we are all the result of immigration forced or otherwise!   Remember if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

    Please Donate

    Please Donate

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