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In the weeks since taking the oath of office, the oaf of office has governed on Twitter. It is apparent to most that we have a petulant child as leader. The GOP with its tacit ok on his actions so far seems to think they can do what they want with his help however they have forgotten about “draining the swamp”. They have approved and installed his cabinet as a way to make to make the “child” happy but to the detriment of the United States (this includes ALL of us). The 2018 elections will see more changes than the Dupublicans can imagine since many crossover voters will cross over again. There will be no fake, ghost or illegal votes as alleged , just citizens who realize the error of re electing the same Congress time after time and getting nothing for it. The big issue will be the Trumps taxes if they ever become public but even without them his actions will put the US in serious and dangerous situations worldwide. One cannot govern via tweet or by using superlatives, there has to meetings with longtime government workers including the “cabinet?”. The GOP seems to  have the hope of a “Mike Pence” Presidency if the current child is impeached, should that occur will the damage will already have been done and will affect the GOP for years to came as well as setting the United States back for many years with its allies.

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Please Donate

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