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The Governor of Illinois has for the past 2 years resisted compiling a budget unless he gets what he wants from the legislature. As I understand it previous Illinois Governors have always presented a budget and the legislature then takes it up to figure out what can or cannot be done. At that point the Governor and the legislature work on the differences to make a budget. This Governor has not done that because he wants certain concessions before hand. In the last election the Governor has financed opponents who lost, appointed people to vacated positions, all of this towards his end goal of “running (ruining?) the State like A business”. There are a number of issues the state faces with long serving legislators however most of these same legislators were in place with previous Governors of the opposite party and were able to get a budget done. We now have the issue of a massive debt which grows daily and a credit rating which is in the toilet. This Governor is not much different than the  current WH resident except he doesn’t tweet but he does make statements on a regular basis that do nothing to get a budget. There has been outreach from at least one of the previous office holders to offer advice. That advice has been ignored. We are now poised to have a statewide strike from the largest Union in Illinois and with possible participation from other Unions. At that time the Governor may decide to make a budget. Or he may just  fire people or do something else which will not solve the problems. The Hubris of this Governor is more extreme than the side dealing former officeholder who now resides in a federal prison. Thank you Gov. Ruiner!

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