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With the election of Donald Trump, there appears to be a need to re inspect and upgrade the internal firefighting equipment in the White House. The Senate and house have apparently done their upgrades since neither place has had a significant thermal incident. The reason for the upgrades are the extensive cases of fiery pants at press conferences and news interviews. It is important to understand what I am saying here.  We have always had layers of truth in politics, the layers are as follows:

The real truth that could cause panic and scare the bejesus out of us or calm us according to your personality.

The half truth which can inform us without its full implication being known (also scary).

The outright lie which unfortunately has become so rampant that we see it sometimes as the real truth and act accordingly .

The advent of Trump (that is exactly what it is). Advent is the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. That is how Mr. Trump perceives his Presidency. That perception will be his and his backers undoing. That Undoing has already started with the resignation of Gen Flynn and the total on air recorded lies of the dream team of Conway, Spicer, Miller or “CONSPILLER”. This is the administration many of us chose for the wrong reasons and  now have voters remorse.

This is in total a very shaky start to a top down spiral of Government which includes the Congress whose only aim it appears is to stay in power with their boot on the throat of their  constituents. Anyone who  votes can control this potential rash of fires that comes from the current administration. My opinion is that the establishment GOP is waiting for the meltdown so they can impeach and install a President Pence. The Dupublicans probably have discussed this with Mr. Pence and feel he is more inline with their madness.

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