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Given the actions of the current Presidency over the last 30 plus days, this is my expectations of the events that will occur in and for government going forward. It is clear that the President (TOTUS) has a need to be liked (loved?) and admired. It is an expectation of many of us however many do not make build their existence around that goal. This does not appear to be the case of Mr. trump. His recent press conference pointed that out with the incomplete sentences and the reluctance to address the questions in a knowledgeable way. Then the town hall (rally) in Florida. This was held in an airplane hangar to have a huge crowd in attendance. This type of rally is what drives Mr. trump but it does not translate into Governing. He repeated his election promises but so far in reality has not done as well as he states. It is my opinion that he will still in effect spend less time dealing with the Presidential side of things in a scholarly manner and more time Tweeting his way through. The Congress is acting in the background to pass their own versions of laws that do not benefit us at all for the most part. TOTUS has surrounded himself with “yes men” which has been his stock in trade for all of his business and personal life. It seems to me that Mr. Trump has not deemed it important enough to learn the job of President and throw away the Adored Entertainer cloak. I have attached the coverage of that recent Rally.MA

CATHERINE LUCEY and JULIE PACE, Associated Press 12 hours ago


Trump bashes media at Florida rally
Yahoo News Video
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