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Our current situation in the White House is becoming increasingly unstable from  top to bottom. At the head of our country we have a used car salesman attempting to sell us a flood damaged car with a 30 day guarantee (that it fails). The quote recently that the White House is running like a well oiled machine is  restrained hyperbole at best. Even a well oiled machine requires maintenance and this has not even has an oil change! Our Congress is doing nothing but seeking re-election so they have no time to pay attention to the small minds in the White House. I see the following events occurring over the next 3 to 12 months:

  1. Our relationship with Mexico will worsen and affect our farmers who sell products to Mexico.
  2. Canada will pick up a share of our sales to other countries
  3. Russia will continue to stir the pot in the Middle East
  4. Our allies in the Middle East will stop or at least back off from assisting us in the fight against ISIS
  5. The people who voted for Trump will turn against him and he will lie saying it’s fake news
  6. His exaggerations will be the gist of all of his speeches from here on
  7. The military leaders will not have his back on several issues as he has not deemed it necessary to meet with them before making military moves.
  8. His staff will continue to issue press releases that say nothing (maybe more lies) and castigate the free Press.

Congress will have to make some moves that will keep us from a war or becoming a pariah in the world community. The tweet storm will doom his Presidency along with the truth about his taxes, his business connections along with the lack of separation between his Government service and his business interests. The vice President who is waiting by the door to the Oval office will step in and  assume the position of President under the rule of the Neer do well Congress. If you pay attention to the news, you will see some major members of Congress coming under fire by their constituents which does not bode well for them in the midterm elections. Consider that even Faux (FOX) news and  Glen Beck are looking at this administration with awestruck incredulity.

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