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Apparently we Americans are so used to “BS” in the news and from our elected officials that we cannot see the truth even when it affects our day-to-day lives. We elected a scammer based on BS much like we elected members of Congress on the same basis. Now we have another “Watergate” situation brewing. While all of this is happening our Congress is busily working to impose more burdens on the least of us by altering or eliminating current Health care (ACA) and financial protections (Dodd-Frank). I cannot personally speak for everyone but I can offer my opinion based on what I have read, remember and read daily. Our political system was designed to offer a method of  having all citizens represented along with their views. What we have come to is 535 seta fillers whose views are not always ours and who make every attempt to insure us that they are looking out for us. According to history, if you tell a lie long enough and often enough it becomes the “truth”, then we had a world war with the murder of millions of  people based on ethnicity and birth. Now we have a similar scenario in several countries producing millions of murdered and displaced individuals based on the same standards. The difference is now we have instant communication where the truth is often misread or obscured by true sounding lies. Our current local and national administrations at not good for us much like overeating or smoking.

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