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Arthur A. “Art” Fletcher was an American government official, widely referred to as the “father of affirmative action “… As head of the United Negro College Fund, Fletcher coined the famous slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” . This quote was taken over by President Nixon as his own creation with no credit to Mr. Fletcher. Now we see a similar minded POTUS taking credit for Jobs and the economy which are the result of his predecessors administration . It take months to assess the effects of policies that affect job and economic growth or lack of. It is unfortunate that talking a good show is not the same as producing one. The Job  of President is not to be adored but to move the country ahead in ways that offer security and well being for ALL!  Where we are at this point is our TOTUS is busily looking for ways to be applauded instead of looking for ways to implement the better parts of his plans(?). His cabinet is more like “his” friends rather than making choices that improve the nation and benefit the people who elected him. His cabinet reads more like a who’s who of antigovernment (thereby anti citizen) possibly fringe members of business and government. It seems to be that he was looking for anyone who is or was anti Obama but not pro-American citizen. We are looking  at a possibility of  the rollback of many laws that affect all of us including his base. He still enjoys pockets of staunch supporters who overlook hos rhetoric and actions without realizing that what he does has an effect on everyone. The rash tweet storms, the meetings with selected press coverage and the grand flourishes of signing executive orders repealing previous executive orders with no thought of the long range effects on all of us. All of us (AMERICANS) have a stake in the good or poor decisions made by our Congress and the White House. It is important  that we all pay attention to our elected officials as the current administration has shown that they are not on our side but more on our backs.


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