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I don’t get it! We have a President who admittedly groped women. He has shown his inability to lead but can bully with the best(?) of them. Meanwhile his cabinet picks are little by little  picking apart established and working programs. Now we have the always neer do well Congress attempting to pass tax legislation that will affect everyone adversely except the very wealthy and at the same time affect the ACA (which they have tried to muck up for years). In his short span of dubious leadership we have had an increase in hate crimes and it seems mass shootings. This is not necessarily blaming TOTUS however these events seem to coincide with his Presidency. His recent overseas trip was more of an ego trip (ha ha) as the leaders of the countries he visited rolled out the Red carpet for him while I believe are just appeasing an ego attached to a person. This out pouring inflates the ego of a person who cannot move beyond electioneering. During this Presidency (or residency) we have  experienced a rise in Racism, anti-Semitism and anti immigrant incidents. All of this covers up the attempted land grab out west and the so called right to use protected public lands. These are the public lands taken from native Americans for use by immigrants. Now the big push for tax reform which is based on cutting out the part of the ACA which mandates that everyone have health insurance. This mandate’s purpose is to insure everyone is covered and at the same time reduce the price of insurance for all. The idea is that removing this mandate will free up funds to finance the tax plan. The same tax plan that will affect the least of us and at the same time shut the least of us out of the health insurance market. So I don’t get why the 535 who so often cite what “the American People” want are not thinking of what effect these actions will have on the “American People” which also includes many Trump supporters.

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