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The above song title  (by Kansas) doesn’t sum up our present situation but possibly foretells a future situation. Our current mis Administration has shown to most that we are in a much more precarious position than ever before. Our staffing of Cabinets posts by “friends and ring kissers” have given us an EPA that barely protects our environment , reduction of protections of public lands and national forests and an assault on Human services. The staunch supporters of this regime (aka TOTUS) have been blinded by tweet governing much like being entertained by reality shows on TV. Governing is a serious business that has been reduced to sound bites and sniping. Our over paid Congress is essentially absent in Government with many just trying to stay out of  the Tweet sphere of the Resident instead off doing their jobs. The push back has been essentially one-sided as the majority party “leaders” have been AWOL in many important  issues such as Healthcare and Tax reform. They have allowed and perpetrated many falsehoods on these two important issues. Apparently the general Congressional thinking is that the Resident’s desires are more important than what’s good for the country and the people who elected them. Remember all of the current Cabinet members were confirmed by this neer do well Congress!


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