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It should be apparent to all voters that we have been had in many ways. The swamp is not drained, Our health protection’s under the EPA are being rolled back and couple this with the changes in the ACA due to the “tax reform(?)” . It is of little importance what your politics are or what you think they are, we as voters are in a hole that gets deeper with every tweet. We have an administration with marginal ability with installed Cabinet members who have less ability but were passed in some cases narrowly by the majority party in Congress. If you are tired of the political system not doing what you think they should do then perhaps it is time to pay attention to who pays the political bills for your party members. Our TOTUS has no clue what’s going on and still refuses to listen to anyone except the less rational members of his inner circle who kiss his ring in spite of his obvious failings as a leader and perpetuates the misinformation train steaming out of his administration. I am wondering if at some point there may be a secret visit with an ambulance and a Gurney.


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