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Daily Archives: December 18th, 2018

TOTUS is insisting on 5 billion dollars for a border wall when studies have shown that a physical wall is impractical as well as improbable. The Southern border is broken up by many terrain features that make a wall impossible, impractical and possibly illegal. All that being said the cost is a number that TOTUS possibly pulled out his butt as he has done on many of his building projects. TOTUS appears to believe that a huge number is a rational reason to invest in this wall (as he has done in his naming rights deals). Somehow the primitive brain sees bigger as a serious argument for an action no matter that facts dictate the opposite. If the “real Donald Trump” is as smart as he wants us to believe he is then why are we dealing with the raft of truth floating on a sea of lies? The fault lies with our 500 plus neer do wells who have politicized our government to the point of inaction and made a joke of the office. These seat fillers have made sure that their health care benefits continued while the ACA (Obamacare) languished under undue scrutiny leaving most Americans in¬† limbo for healthcare¬† coverage. Unknown to many Americans is the cost of living adjustment that Congress awards themselves by a law they enacted years ago while many of us get zip. This is the backstop that TOTUS enjoys in the name of “serving the people”. The 2 party system has left a void that allowed a ” Trump Presidency” to be in place much to the detriment of us all now and for some time to come. We should remember that government retirees in Washington will enjoy a better retirement than most voters due to their own self service and the “go along” attitude many adopted after being elected.


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