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Daily Archives: January 1st, 2019

Beginning now, the race for the Presidency begins. TOTUS will spend precious time campaigning and haranguing rather than doing his job (which apparently is campaigning & haranguing). TOTUS spent New Years eve tweeting and portraying himself as the grownup(?). Going back through the past year we will find that this administration with the tacit approval of a single party majority in the legislature has failed to live up to the positive accomplishments of the worst administration in our history. Mr Trump was accompanied in the bottom five by Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, William Harrison, and Mr Buchanan (according to the Independent Newspaper, UK.) There are numerous examples of poor leadership across the spectrum of Presidents but this one will rank among the lowest as shown. The combination of childish demeanor, inability (apparently) to understand world affairs and the implications of arbitrary unilateral actions have placed TOTUS at the center of a world wide uncertainty which serves the usurpers across the globe. The hope we have is that a new set of legislators will begin to tip the balance back to some kind of normalcy. If we as voters demand some sort of term limits on Congress and remove the incentives to remain in office until retirement then we may begin to improve the quality of legislation that serves us all. One issue that had the greatest impact on our elections is the “Citizens United” decision which has allowed unlimited money to pour into politics, resulting in bought and paid for legislators. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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