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Daily Archives: May 29th, 2019

Each day it becomes more apparent that we are in the grip (slippery though it may be) of what could be equated to the “Star Wars” saga. Our Senate is under the thumb of a bullying sycophant who with the aide of 500 plus neer do wells is running the US toward another unnecessary conflict. Totus has created a whirlwind of chaos as has been his M.O. for most of his life. He realized early on that chaos would hide his ineptitude and allowing him to seemingly ride to the rescue of a crisis he created. The real world does not work this way and it is up to the voters to resolve the issue. While we as voters are not ever perfect in our selections we have the ability to make corrections in subsequent election cycles. Information is the most powerful tool we have in order to have good government and we need to use our abilities to read and listen in a broader sense than we currently do. The “entertainment and opinion” news(?) is not the answer as their content is extremely slanted for effect and usually have no substantial truth in their message. The proven way to get information is to access several sources and get what is true. Consider the idea that voting is a test you study for with the passing grade being better government.


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