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Daily Archives: June 1st, 2019

With 24 Scamocrats vying for the nomination to run against TOTUS for the Presidency, there appears to be no common message across the group. Would it be practical or sensible to create a common narrative along with the party line (if there is one)?  The liars all follow the same lies up and own the ticket. If the Scamocrats followed the same formula perhaps more people would understand what their message is. A common message has more staying power than 25 different ones. Remembering that TOTUS has used the same lies time after time with great success and has an administration that carries the same message on a daily basis. TOTUS has well-known personalities who back him and advise him unofficially on air and in print. This is not to say that the Scamocrats have to follow the same route of using Opinionators but using the same message will create a cohesive block that is capable of winning in a big way. The current administration has brought spin to new heights and has no compunction in continuing lies even after being proven wrong. I would suggest that the defeat of a liar is the truth .


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