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Daily Archives: July 9th, 2019

Let’s start with the idea or fact that politicians and aspirants lie and spin the truth. With this in mind what ever comes across your favorite device should be held suspect until you can verify it yourself. The modern day political aspirants and professional pols all use the same methods to get their agendas out to the public via mass media of all sorts. The real issue is how knowledgeable is the public. We have seen the reliability of some of most well known social media distributors become suspect yet we still religiously follow them. This election season will be possibly the worst for information since we have experienced the rise of  “opinion news” offered as fact. Our titular national leader aka TOTUS has lead the conversation with statements that are at once inflammatory and false statements that get a rise from his supporters while inserting himself in minor issues that are beneath his station. What we seemingly have is a leader whose sole objective is the disruption of norms no matter what the consequences. It is sad that we have a Congress that has allowed a miscreant to dictate the fate of our country while they build the tunnel that could undermine our freedoms while enhancing their own standards of living.


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