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It is a mystery that we associate our political beliefs with one party or another. It is my opinion that this an uninformed process. Each party for years (almost like eons) has touted their regard for the voters. Modernly this concern is about votes and not the voters. The mantras of climate change, open borders, conservative values (whatever that is) liberalism, and any abounding current monikers have taken over and overshadowed what Government’s job is. We already know or should know that politics is always now and will be in the future about votes that keep a person in office. We jumped on the C-span bandwagon and we do not view it. We were misled as to the purpose of having cameras in the House and Senate, the idea was to watch legislators in action only there is no action! All of the activities take place in hallways and offices which are not viewed. So the question could be: what is going on?. The on-air information from both sides has become so much blather as to be headache creating. What is it the voters need? WE need first to stop following any party and begin the independent thinking that the Constitution allows. The constitution provides for this in the First amendment but not for misguided speech and information which we see daily from elected and aspiring politicians or candidates. The clue to solving the mystery is to inform your self by reading or listening to a variety of sources and a determination from that what is true not what your preferred party says. You must understand that each party will and does say what is required to get your vote. Mystery solved- vote with intelligence disregard what sounds like BS as it probably is or at the least a stretched truth. Vote smart to get better government.


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  1. Well said, Michael.
    The problem is many Americans find it impossible to be “smart”.


  2. Not impossible but refuse to exercise their gray matter by reading or changing the TV channel


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