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This title was stated in the Atlantic. Retired Marine General Mattis gave several interviews recently but kept silent on several questions about TOTUS. The title line of this post was particularly telling about our current leader. During the interview a question concerning TOTUS’s ability to understand the politics of the world and the scope of his job. Mattis’ reply was that his aides essentially made the decisions and told the President what to say or do. This falls in line with the scripted interviews but not the ongoing tweets which apparently come straight out the president’s rear end with the aid of misunderstanding and ignorance. TOTUS is no more than a wanna be Grownup with a lot of wealth, power and respect. At this point he has none of those and sorely wants them. He has never had control of the office and cannot gain it now yet as con men will do he continues to lie hoping for a win. His closest aides do what they want in pursuit of their own interests not TOTUS’ or the voters. Making America great again requires a different person in the Whitehouse and a Senate leader. No matter what you may think the party politics no longer works but educated voting does.


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