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Since 2017 the stream of falsehoods streaming from The Whitehouse has become a torrent. Apparent a prerequisite to work under this administration is to be a purveyor of incorrect and misleading information at all costs. The now-defunct tradition of press conferences in favor of tweets has become the norm for this administration. There are more “acting” agency and department heads than ever before, the reason is to avoid Congressional scrutiny. This will go down in history as one if not the worst administration in our history and all associated with it including the Congress will be labeled the same. Botch McConnell will not bring forth any legislation that “he” feels TOTU will not sign. This is a Democracy, not a Fiefdom as TOTUS wants so desperately desires. The upcoming election cycle needs to be a referendum on the Congress as well as the removal of an unfit leader. There can be no improvement in government without a changing of the “Guard”!


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