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“Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Legislation, Angering China
The measure, which could lead to sanctions on Chinese officials for cracking down on the protesters, drew bipartisan support from Congress.”

Interesting That TOTUS can sign on to Hong Kong civil rights while doing very much the same thing on the Southern border. It appears that TOTUS and his crew will continue their outrageous actions against immigrants with no restrictions or objections from Congress (who really should be involved). Apparently, the State Department has lost sight of what our contributions to these South American countries did for their populations. Those contributions and our involvement made life for those now immigrants bearable, since the current administration has all but ceased these actions immigration has become a crisis. This border “wall” and the processing has put an extreme burden on Mexico, our nearest ally. This burden has had a ripple effect down the entire line of countries on the continent. If this additional burden is evaluated, it will show that the “Dictators” in certain countries are plying their trade which exacerbates an already bad situation. The answer could be that the  United States government along with Nato partners revisit what aid is given and how it is used in South and Central America. This going it alone guided by misinformation or no information is no way to run a country (or a business shown by Trump’s Enterprises).


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