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When did Congress become so useless? For many years before current times, Congress spoke with a forked tongue in public. In the interior halls, various members no matter the party met and discussed legislature that actually benefitted their constituents- ALL constituents! Now we have 535 moops who have no direction other than party lines no matter the harm to their constituents. By supporting an inept President for the sake of the party they have essentially defied the basis of the Constitution which protects us all. Consider that this Congress again along party lines has used TOTUS as a cover for their own gains in the courts which will no longer be the neutral arbiters of justice that they are seated to do. These Judges will shape our courts on a conservative basis which could essentially negate the separation of church and state. It will take years to correct the balance of our courts and correct the foreign relations nightmare foisted on us by this administration. Forget about the poorly conceived impeachment hearings which only served to show how self-serving our Congress really is. We have only witnessed months of infighting and tweet administration to no good purpose (our money not well spent!). Voters need to defect from party lines and determine the truth from several sources.


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