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Over the years there have been several independent and secondary political parties aspiring to political offices from Municipal to Federal. Some have succeeded, most have failed. The reason for these non-mainstream parties is dissatisfaction or disappointment in the major parties’ activities and the results of those activities. While it is common for the voters to become jaded with the politics of governing, it is more common that many vote by rote or according to the biased information available. There was a time when there was implicit trust in our elected officials no matter the party, this trust was due to the unknown backroom negotiations by the more diligent and service oriented elected officials. Flash forward to now. We have 535 plus elected officials that do less for us than their party and we  (VOTERS) just complain and vote poorly. It is our (the VOTERS) job to elect the best representatives we can but until we understand that politicians hardly ever tell the entire truth no matter how photogenic, well spoken or racially acceptable, we will continue to have semi good government. There has been talk of term limits yet not one of the current sitting representatives will broach the subject of term limits and give up a lucrative gig making 170g annually with other perks with a great health plan. Term limits are the purview of the voters and voters alone and we need to exercise that right. We need to decide to change government by changing Congress one member at a time until we get good representation or at least better than we have now.


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