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The current politics of America seems to hinge on the whims and desires of a few long-serving Congressional members.these are the people in whom we put our trust at their first foray into politics. We have kept these folks in office based on the initial trust we bestowed upon them. That trust has been violated more times than we know and horribly apparent now with the advent of  TOTUS (aka self-pitying cheater and shameless liar).  The impeachment procedures while disruptive could be handled better if we truly had representatives we could trust. It seems that the only reason for supporting an incompetent leader is the cover provided by his miscreant behavior and boisterous outbursts. The semi-legal (in practical terms) appointing of judges who are clearly conservative to the point of harm to us (the voters) is what we are gaining(?) from this administration and the neer do well Congress that supports him. The current TITULAR head of our country has administrated on twitter and in rallies with no basis in fact on many if not all of his claims and statements. Our European allies have all taken note of his actions and statements while attempting to continue working with the U.S. in the cohesive way they have for 70 plus years. Our long-time foes are silently laughing at his ineptitude and at the same time continuing their nefarious ways again using TOTUS as a cover by sometimes falsely praising or provoking him. There is no additional information required. but surely more will be forthcoming.


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