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Daily Archives: January 7th, 2020

The ongoing and seemingly never-ending coverage of TOTUS has caused too many to lose sight of the real issues. It is well to remember that any and all actions of this administration have and will continue to have real and dire consequences now and in the future. I have heard some TOTUS supporters say that “I Voted for him and he has done what he said he would do”, this is all true but the future (and current) effects are not considered by these supporters. As an example, there are many of his supporters who wanted change but failed to understand that the best and most effective change could be made by electing new members of Congress as they are allowing TOTUS to have free range while they use his actions as a cover for their nefarious deeds which will haunt us for years to come. This impeachment issue is a check on any Presidents actions that go against the National interest and even though it has become a political issue rather than a National one as offered by the founders, it is still a viable option against the usurpation of power by the President no matter who it is. It is incumbent on the Congress to act in a unified matter to resolve this with no regard to party lines and we do not have that here! Our current Congress has lost its ability to act due to party politics and we (the people (taxpayers) are and will continue to pay for it if we do not wake up and elect new people. An efficient and proper Congress is not about party, it is about the qualifications of the candidate. The future is having a working Congress with no party biases.


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