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Daily Archives: February 6th, 2020

There are  facts that are never understood until it affects you personally.

All  of the “great things” that TOTUS supporters point to as good things have yet to affect us. The “tax reform” is slowly starting to takes its toll as with the re allocation of funds from the military to the “wall”. Keep an eye on “medicare and medicaid “Improvements” which indicate now before the changes that it will result in current recipients (this includes Social security, which is NOT an “entitlement) receiving less and the neediest receiving potentially nothing. The effects of the trade war has hit farmers, steel, aluminum and oil producers which trickles down to the consumers (even “entitlement” recipients).

“The media had to use all kinds of inventive ways to calculate the costs of Trump’s golf trips since the White House isn’t very forthcoming with the information and the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t cover golf outings. The news site found that a weekend trip to “Mar-a-Lago averages $3.4 million, with most of that resulting from the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs each hour to fly both the modified Boeing 747 that serves as the primary Air Force One, as well as the C-17 cargo planes required to move all the support vehicles in Trump’s motorcade.”Trump has spent 61 days at his Florida courses in West Palm Beach and Jupiter and stays Mar-a-Lago when he visits.”

Now we pass the State Of The Union which was at  least half to three quarters about past administration’s failures compared to the current one. If the accomplishments of each were laid side by side this state of the Union address would turn in to an immediate fiery ash. It is reasonable to tout the current accomplishments however when one’s policies are undoing EPA  regulations for clean air and water, misusing voters funds for ill conceived border walls, stays at (personally owned)  luxury hotels  and last but not least openly asking for foreign nations to interfere in our elections. Anyone who is only causally paying attention should realize that we are currently in the grips of a miscreant Congress that abets and condones the actions of a inward facing  Leader whose primary words are “me, I, we”. Disregard the “entertainment” politics and look for and at the real problems being created by the continued presence of this Congress and their Mentor!


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