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Apparently the the truth is less glamorous or acceptable than a lie as we have been inundated by a daily stream of falsehoods from the administration and it’s associated allies (Congress). The lie is really about the perception of reality , much like many Television shows aka reality shows. It seems that many of us are more interested in being entertained instead of informed, ignoring the fact that Government is not an entertainment venue. Ignoring the actions of the top star in this Governmental play would open the door to the real activities behind the curtain. The neer do well Congress is busily changing laws, installing “their” judges and being backed by a miscreant Legal department (our aka The voters Justice department). This election is our opportunity to make a u turn back to reality and sanity (as it were). Looking at this week alone, there are 2 events that merit changing the the leaders in the Congress and White House. The first: The so called great trade deals which have depressed our economy, second lack of serious pro action on the Corona virus threat. Last count was about 16000 lies from the administration on everything government and non government when the truth would have sufficed ( we are adults-right?). It has become dangerous to listen to the output of this administration as fervent followers act on these lies to their detriment and to the detriment of us ALL. The true “bosses” of the nation are the voters and we owe it ourselves and our younger relatives to elect and re elect better representatives to serve. It will take a minute to correct the course of this government ship and we must all assist in turning the wheel for our own benefit.


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