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The recent photo op or press briefing held by TOTUS highlights the incompetency of this administration. The seeming restrained demeanor offered by TOTUS is belied by his inability to stand still while others were speaking. He appeared distracted but acted as master of ceremonies as he introduced each person on the stage as he needed them to present a piece of the presentation. He also referred the questions from the press. All of this due to his inability to present the information in a coherent manner without hyperbole and runoff. It has always been apparent that TOTUS has no ability to present information in a coherent fashion on his own. When left to his own devices TOTUS has ranted to the cheers of the crowd while presenting nothing of substance or any semblance to the truth. Totus’s body language tells his truth(?)  and explains his method of Governing.

Without accolades TOTUS is no more than an inept administrator surrounded by miscreants and Toadies who do his bidding while swallowing the bile coming up in their throats.


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