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Did you ever wonder how the Government is supposed to work? In A nutshell: we the people select the people we think we want to represent us and hope that they will. These representatives in some cases do well for us and other times do well for themselves at our expense. How it is supposed to work is that our representatives speak for us in seeking the best deals that our tax dollars can buy! Over the years that basic premise has been subverted and lost. We (voters) have allowed it to happen by allowing ourselves to be distracted by “shiny objects” and buzzwords. The political society spends millions on getting the “correct” wording and phrasing out to the public. This careful wording is designed to coerce or persuade us to vote for them based on what they tell us rather than what they actually accomplish.

9 to 5 Comic Strip for March 28, 2020

If the last 12 years have not enlightened you as to the extent of  misrepresentation or lack of comprehensive representation we are and have been experiencing then this current emergency should serve as an “aha” moment for us all. If you are a “star Wars” fan just remember the story line from beginning to end.


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