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Totus has gone on Faux News again announcing an extension of the stay at home time frame after stating we should be “OK” by Easter. This is just another instance of his creating a problem then retracting it as if  he solved the problem. If anyone who currently supports him has any doubt as to his fitness to lead, this should allay all doubts. With the cooperation of the GOP (most of them) TOTUS has in 3 years brought the US to a level of some third world countries in some areas. Our standing in the world has been eroded while the bad actors have ascended to fill in the void created by our lack of engagement and ill advised actions. Voters have the opportunity to right the ship of state starting with Congress and ending with TOTUS out of office. If it is possible to prosecute elected officials for poor performance and damage to the country, that is where we should be going. First we need to elect the best people we can or at the least the ones who have a clue of how to run a government not more self serving miscreants.


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