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To all staunch supporters and allies of TOTUS: Your “leader” is leading you down the “Jim Jones” path to the fatal “kool aid”. TOTUS is self promoting you and the rest of us to a worse outcome than you can imagine. His irritation at not being able to hold rallies has morphed into contentious and unhelpful “press conferences” which instead of informing us is again (still) misleading us about a National Health issue. If you are following the “Trump” news organization, then you should realize there are few real scientists involved in the pronouncements from the on air personalities. It is apparent to most of us that we really do not have a National leader but we do have a self serving miscreant aided and abetted by a party line Congress. This election is crucial to the survival of our country with all of its “faults” perceived or real. This could be a great moment for a impotent leader but as usual the baser instincts over ride what little (if any) common sense that may be there. The Presidency is not a personal position, it is a National one that extends to our allies in the rest of the world.


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