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TOTUS has started having press conferences (which he stopped due to so called : “hard questions” being asked by reporters), the “press Conferences”  are in lieu of the Rallies TOTUS would have had in pursuit of a second term. This is a clear and present danger since TOTUS has no other purpose other than putting his face and message out to his base. Meanwhile, the country as a whole is still in the grips of an epidemic. First he ignored and denied there was a problem, his administration ignored or committed to the trash the 76 page from previous administration as a guideline for events such as Covid- 19. TOTUS is seeking a second term and I ask the question: why would we grant that when we kicked Jimmy Carter out over the Iranian uprising with American citizens being held hostage and the embassy being over run. This is eminently more serious and potentially the worst issue we are facing at this time. TOTUS has no objective other than looking like a great president rather than being one (the latter being impossible for him).


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