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If you believe the “press Briefings” conducted by TOTUS, then I suppose you are happy with his administration. To paraphrase Dr. King: “I have been to the mountain top and looked back over TOTUS’s life”, He is and always has been a self serving prevaricator. On the list of “Ponzi” like individuals he possible the top performer. Bernie Madoff was and is a conman. TOTUS has essentially conned a country and was stealing funds from the voters from the first day in office. The conservative heavy Congress has used his antics and actions as a cover for their own personal and nefarious deeds which will also fall heavily on the voters while benefiting a small group of well to do associated people and themselves. The vote is our only and best option to correct this disgrace of an administration and Congress. This is possibly the most inept and miscreant administration in decades. At this critical time TOTUS is still plying his trade as a “deal maker” which just means “what’s good for me” and too bad for you. This current  pandemic shows how ignorant he is about being President and how poorly served we are by the Current Congress


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