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The last time we had adverse actions between states was in 1860 ( The Civil War). Now TOTUS is pushing the same idea over re opening State economies before a plan to test is in place. All of the 3 plus years and the actions within that time have been about TOTUS and his re election. While there have been some progress during that time the overall impact has been negative.

We have alienated our long time allies

we have put the economy in a downward spiral

we have fewer people with medical coverage

we have greatly reduced protection in our National arks

we have increased the likelihood of increased global warming and its impact

we have an increased number of unqualified judges in lifetime positions that will shift the expected fairness of those positions to the right, not to mention the unresolved sexual incidents involving some of them.

Now with a pandemic moving across the country TOTUS has taken to “rally” style press conferences in which he still pushes the misinformation button that elevates him while lying to us -STILL!

All of the above being  (and still is)  aided and abetted  by a neer do well Congress, led by long time servers who for the most part are not in touch with the voters true needs. The only way to correct the course of this “ship of State” is informed voters. Disregard the buzzwords and sound bites that have no other purpose than to excite and arouse but have no substantial truth or facts.


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