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TOTUS is again on a tear of blaming rather than offering solutions. It is unfortunate that it takes a National emergency to show how inept our current administration is. TOTUS has continued his name calling of anyone who disagrees or contracts him. The contradictions are of his own making as the lie stream he promotes daily as a press conference continues. It is a well established fact that TOTUS is inept and covers that with a constant stream of non facts aka “alternative facts” on a daily basis. It is common for a “con artist” to keep up a stream of lies to cover their misdeeds and deceptions (Bernie Madoff did it and is now in Jail). Interestingly enough that TOTUS never offered any pardon to Madoff but did to several convicted political figures including a Governor. All of this  to show the messy mental state of this President. The real “deep state ” consists of the groups who called themselves “conservative, ultra conservatives” or any other group that is far to near left or right of center. These folks in the extreme pick up the ignorant utterings of TOTUS and protest against their local governments instead of directing that anger or dissatisfaction toward TOTUS who is largely if not totally responsible for this mess. It is interesting that so many folks jump on bandwagons which are discordant and sometimes dangerous. These are the vehicles that do more harm than good and their effects are not realized or recognized until its difficult and often  too late to reverse. The real issue as I see it is the public easily corrupted  by “entertainment news” and largely ignores the real facts that are available everywhere else. The old saying “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. I  Challenge everyone to start paying more attention to who we vote for and follow, everyone is not your friend especially elected officials and group leaders who espouse radical ideas far right or left of center.


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