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Social media which is more the mainstream than Newsprint, magazines and sometimes Visual media has had the effect of promoting false fake and untrue information for the sake of the offeror. The uncommon situation we are currently in has shown how inept TOTUS is. His minions and the abetting Congress have no abated his incompetency. Our sole responsibility at this time is to stay well and safe while using common sense in our actions. Our only leaders in this are the State leaders (well most of them) not the Pimp in the Whitehouse. I could write about TOTUS on a daily basis but it would take time from other things that have more importance than his incompetence which is ever present. Lets address the underlying issues and events. Some states have people demonstrating against the lockdowns and not observing the social distancing and use of masks and gloves. Some are even showing armed (gun rally?). Behind these demonstrations are the groups that don’t really support TOTUS but use his idiocy as a hat to cover their own nefarious and detrimental agendas. These are extremists among us whose agendas will serve only their causes and not the country as a whole. We must be mindful and careful of the messages presented by those factions as most if not all are as close to radical as you can get and serve no one but themselves. Think of these groups in the same way you would think of Radical Islam whom we know are not serving the public good.


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