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If you are an American citizen, you should be outraged. We have possibly some of the worst representation and governance  in decades. Botch McConnell who decided that as Senate Majority that President Obama would get nothing passed and he would be a one term President. After 3 years of TOTUS’s mismanagement and poor to zero leadership, Botch has lashed out at former president Obama for offering his opinion on the current handling of the Covid-19 crisis. It is odd that Botch has chosen to speak out against Obama could it be Racial or just political? A case could be made for either or both. What it comes down to in my opinion is our current administration aided by a neer do well Congress has brought us to this point through shady deals and disingenuous actions. Neither the Executive or legislative branches of this administration have been honest with the voters. There are many supporters  of the administration and the Botch but I wonder if that loyalty  would be as staunch if those supporters really paid attention to their actions and the long term effects on ALL of us. If you are an American citizen and voter, it is your duty to educate yourself about our “representatives” and “leaders” no matter the party or label they work under. This is America not a totalitarian nation. We the people have the power.


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