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I have invested a good amount of time on politics in this blog and often covering the current administration has been exhausting however I continue to do it with the help of “experts” on the subject ( reprinting their postings). I have offered my own opinions after researching to insure I am as correct and honest as I can be. To be clear we are in dire straits with this administration and the abetting Senate Majority. This election year is and will be unusual to say  the least yet we (voters) must find our way through the garbage of campaign rhetoric and out right lies (from n both sides). It has been stated by many that when you know your history, you can then go forward well informed or at the least informed. To that end the importance of balancing reality and facts when deciding who to vote for is crucial. If you have been paying attention you will realize that the current Congress is in need of different leadership, not leadership that is using an inept leader as a cover for their own personal agendas that do not bode well for us (voters).  If we pay attention and understand that what we see we will understand that the real work of Congress occurs behind closed doors not in the open as C-span would have you believe. Our voices are what needs to be heard by these representatives but in an informed and steady way. Bear in mind that we need to be ready to block the inanities that will come back at us as “Government speak”. It is obvious that we need to oust the current administration and any or all of it’s Congressional supporters but we must remember that all of the excesses and poor actions including  foreign policy actions by this administration will have to be reversed and that will take up all of the first year and probably most if not all of the second year of a new administration.

Imagine this as an aftermath of the 2020 election: A semi trailer backs up to the White House delivery door, inside the trailer are rows of hand cuffs and leg braces, then the residents of the Whitehouse are marched out and shackled for their crimes, this vehicle is then driven to the Congress and the baser members are marched out in the same fashion. Once done they all are deposited into work camps to atone for their sins.


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