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These past 3 years of the Trump residency (not a Presidency) have shown us how good we had it in the past 3 administrations in spite of the real and perceived errors we as voters have experienced. The erratic and capricious actions of this administration have and will continue to affect us for years to come. The worst of this is the resurgence of the baser elements of our society. TOTUS has opened the door to potential civil unrest in many parts  of the country which have always teetered on that edge. The policies put forth will affect our  air and water quality along with the education system which was already frayed. All of this with the aid of a “conservative” congress whos sole aim is to make the United States in their own image no matter the needs of their constituents. If you as a voter are firmly entrenched in the policies of your representative, then you have already consumed the proverbial “kool aid”. Many of the current elected representatives have personal agendas that do not (in spite of what they tell us) include the needs and wishes of the voters in general. While they appeal to certain segments they do not reflect the general needs of the public. The general public needs include quality  affordable  healthcare and  education to name a couple. Our lack of interest in what the Congress is doing while the the Vacuous Leader puffs will result in a court system that is no longer impartial. There is a company whose logo has the words “readers are leaders” in it and that should be a clue to what we should as voters be doing. Donald J. Rump needs to be replaced along with most if not all of the Congressional members who support him above their constituents. The last thought: Before the impeachment proceedings each Senator swore to tell the truth under oath and then they Lied!!- they were for the most part Donald Trump supporters or at the least  GOP diehards who are now against spending additional dollars to save the states and their residents which includes all of us who are now and will be affected by this pandemic. These are the liars who wantto keep the status quo for quid pro quo.


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  1. This must be opposite day or April Fool’s Day, one or the other. Wake up and smell the Latte. The government ain’t your daddy. You have to work for a living. Sorry.


    • The government has never been anyone’s “Daddy”, it has been the overall director in National pandemics or any events that affect the entire country. This administration (if you have been paying attention) has been picking apart standards put in place to protect us all no matter your politics. If you are a single issue voter then I would suggest you follow your own advice on Lattes. Each rollback of regulations with no options affects us ALL


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