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Narcissism cannot survive in a vacuum except in the case of TOTUS and his administration. Unfortunately we are in hands of a cadre of  miscreants whose sole claim to “fame” is ignorance of how government works. This group was chosen by TOTUS to uplift his own ego and no other purpose unlike the members of past administrations who all had credible abilities to learn and do the jobs they were selected for. Here we are now with a group of bright lights ( some of them) kowtowing to a dim bulb whose best assets are name calling and bullying. The leader (?) of this group has little to no knowledge of administering a company or Government entity yet he was elected to the job on the backs of lies and the use of the traditional Con ruse of exploiting the biases of the “mark” against them. The ego in this case has put an entire country at risk and by association our long time allies abroad. Meanwhile the errant Congress  has used the erratic antics of the Resident to cover their own personal agendas. The majority party has spent this time installing “their” judges in lifetime positions which will affect a of us for a long time. Why our judges and courts are important.  Our judges and courts, each day, strive to ensure the fair, impartial and independent administration of justice so that each citizen is treated with respect, dignity and fairness, and receives a “fair shake” in the application of our laws. With this being said “political” or labeled judges are not necessarily the best choice in lifetime appointments.


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